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The 5 most compelling reasons to go camping

The 5 most compelling reasons to go camping

Camping holidays offer the ultimate feeling of freedom, dreamy nights under a canopy of stars and even returning to the peace of yesteryear without worries or stress in an environment full of vivid colors and sounds; There are plenty of reasons to go camping and its benefits are SO MANY that we would spend all day listing them.

But if you're in a hurry and still need a little push to decide to try the experience, we'll help you with our TOP 5.

By the end of this article, it will be more than clear to you why campers come back again and again. Shall we start the adventure?

1. Connection with nature and with yourself

We start the list with the most obvious benefit: going camping involves authentic immersion in the natural world.

An environment of green areas as far as the eye can see and a body of water at your feet is ideal for recharging energy because getting away from the hectic pace of everyday life is not only about putting distance between us, but about escaping to a place totally opposite on the stress scale.

And, fortunately, the connection with nature can be practically tailored. The current options are so varied that they range from the traditional stay in a tent outdoors, to spending the night in a bungalow with all the comforts of home.

Whatever level you choose, it will have the ideal conditions to relax and reconnect with yourself among new landscapes, unforgettable sunsets and the brightest stars you have ever seen; in addition to the opportunity to go hiking, visit nearby towns and play sports outdoors, letting your inner child play again.

Above all, if you take advantage of the peaceful time to get away from your cell phone for a bit, enjoying the beauty of the real world that surrounds us.

2. Adventure for the whole family

Another reason to go camping is that it has something in mind for campers of all ages. It offers the perfect conditions to create memories with family or friends in a fun and adventurous context that enhances communication, play and trust.

Recreational activities vary depending on where you enjoy your days of total disconnection, but we can assure you that boredom is not an option:

· The little ones will enjoy an authentic childhood: a dip in the lake or pool, running barefoot, learning about the natural world, riding a bike and more.
· Adults will have fun outdoors: practicing water sports or hiking, reading with birdsong in the background, exploring nearby towns, reconnecting as a couple or in a group and meeting new people.

3. Outdoor comfort

As we already mentioned in the first point, nature is not at war with comforts. The modern facilities of the private campsites offer maximum comfort in the middle of a paradisiacal landscape.

For example, at Camping Lake Caspe you will have access to:

· Bar and restaurant with terrace under palm trees.
· Barbecue area.
· Well stocked minimarket.
· Playground.
· Swimming pool with area for adults and another for children.
· Marina with motor boat rental.

In addition, you can enjoy your stay on pitches equipped with a power outlet for tents or caravans, or in a bungalow with a kitchen, full bathroom, separate bedrooms and even a TV. Up to you!

4. Reasons to go camping: physical and mental health

Camping enhances the perfect combination for comprehensive health: the activities we do while camping improve our physical condition and the environment in which we practice them favors our emotional state.

And it teaches us to live life to the fullest, reminding us of the importance of clearing our minds and making room for play again. After a few days of camping, you will return home full of energy, feeling like a stronger, more authentic and confident person.

5. Escape from routine

Nothing is further from the hustle and bustle of traffic, the stress of the office and the monotony of routine than an adventure at an indoor campsite, whether you need to disconnect completely or if you are looking for a holiday with different activities to do as a family.

So go ahead and take a well-deserved break from your busy lifestyle in a natural environment that will make you forget that the rest of the world exists.

Did we convince you?
Camping in beautiful landscapes far from traditional accommodation options is an experience you have to live at least once in your life (but we warn you that it can be addictive).

If you don't have any reasons to go camping, stop by our social networks and confirm how much fun Lake Caspe campers are having. Make your reservation and get ready to enjoy a camping holiday with your partner, family, friends, alone or even with your dog.
What to do in Caspe to enjoy it like a real local

What to do in Caspe to enjoy it like a real local

If you are a lover of history, nature, adventure sports, the charm of Spanish towns (or if you agree with all of the above), you will have a lot to do in Caspe, mixing with the locals to discover its most authentic essence.
Tips for camping with pets

Tips for camping with pets

Camping with pets is an adventure! Going camping is an experience that is best lived with family, whether it is blood or the one we choose over time, which includes your four-legged friend.

Pet friendly camping allows you to enjoy the outdoors in total comfort without leaving your faithful adventure companion at home. But if you're wondering what you should keep in mind to make both the trip and the stay safe for your dog, plan a fantastic vacation with these tips.

1. Find the ideal campsite

The first step is to choose the campsite that you can enjoy together. Investigate which ones are pet friendly within the area you plan to visit, as well as the areas where pets are allowed access to avoid surprises and know in advance the activities that you can do in the company of your best friend inside and outside the facilities. . At Camping Lake Caspe you won't have any problems!

2. Prepare your dog

How does your dog behave during long trips? It is worth spending time practicing, taking car rides so that you get used to it without causing stress when you start the trip.

It is also important to ensure that your pet has all the vaccines appropriate to its age, but do not forget to take the telephone number of a trusted veterinarian and find out about the clinics that you can find in the area, in case of emergency. And, if it is a very hairy breed, remember to give it a cut so that it can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest without worrying about bushes, insects or heat stroke.

3. Don't forget your luggage

Each member of the family has to be well prepared to enjoy the vacation without any problems. So make sure your dog's suitcase has everything he or she will need during his stay.

Here's a quick checklist to make sure you don't miss anything when camping with pets:

· Necklace with your name and your contact information.
· Long distance and reflective strap in the dark.
· Plate of food.
· Container for water.
· Sufficient quantity of your usual food.
· Medications, if you are undergoing treatment.
· Boots for walking on hot or uneven surfaces.
· Bags to collect your waste.
· Own towel.
· Shampoo.
· Brush.
· Toys.
· Blanket or bed to sleep on.
· Carrier or cage.
· Vaccination record up to date.
· First aid kit that includes cotton, gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, antiparasitics, pain relievers, tweezers to remove splinters, etc.

4. Prioritize security

If we want to camp with pets, it is important to consider both their behavior and the environmental conditions to which they will be exposed to prevent accidents. For example:

· Facilities: upon arrival, allow him to explore his new home to familiarize himself with the area; but keep it away from risk areas such as campfires throughout the stay.
· Sun: if your skin is sensitive to the sun, it is a good idea to get a veterinary-grade sunscreen and look for shady places on the plot or book a Bungalow, in order to avoid heat stroke.
· Fur: regularly check its fur to identify the presence of ticks, insects or thorns in time.
· Behavior: do not lose sight of him and remember to be attentive to his movements and what he ingests, especially if it is a curious puppy.

5. Plan the activities they will carry out

Your dog is on vacation too! Take advantage of the camping facilities and the nature that surrounds you to carry out activities that you enjoy together.

Here are some ideas to share with your adventure companion:

· Explore the campsite, the hiking trails and the tourist spots in the surrounding area.
· Cycling (with your dog running next to you).
· Cool off together, if the campsite is on the shore of a river or reservoir.
· Ride a canoe or surf paddle.
· And, in the end, there is no way to rest together, lying in the shade.

Ready to camp with your best friend?

It is proven that camping with pets strengthens the bond that unites us with them, and with these tips they will fully enjoy the change of scenery with the comforts and nature at the door.

At Camping Lake Caspe we believe that family vacations are not complete without the four-legged member and the photographs on our social networks are proof of this. For this reason, we have fully equipped facilities so that EVERYONE can spend a few days camping so much fun that they will repeat the experience over and over again.

Come and see it first hand!
Hiking for beginners: tips to survive your first hiking route

Hiking for beginners: tips to survive your first hiking route

Hiking for beginners who have not yet had their first experience immersing themselves in nature can be very intimidating. If this is your case, rest assured that good preparation before taking the first step of the excursion will erase any worries you have now.

It's not a race to the finish line!

Exploring natural areas in their pure state is a journey for the senses that allows you to recharge your batteries, reconnect with your body and forget about the stress of everyday life, while admiring beautiful panoramic views with the best company.

Are you ready to awaken your sense of adventure? If you follow these expert tips, your first hiking experience will be easier than you imagine.

1. Previous investigation: characteristics of the route

Although spontaneity gives an added adventure to each trip, it is best to inform yourself well about the physical characteristics of the area before diving headlong into exploring.

Check online, get advice from the locals and carefully analyze a map of the region to know in advance:

· Length and structure of the route (circular or straight).
· Location of access entrances.
· Difficulty level.
· Elevation and geographical features of the terrain.
· Estimated travel time, considering what the inclination of the road adds.
· Extra amenities such as parking and rest areas.

The hiking route must be adapted to your beginner level so that you can really enjoy the nature that surrounds you, without fear or worries. Depending on your physical condition, it will be best to start with short, easy-to-manage distances.

2. Appropriate clothing for hiking

No special equipment is required in hiking for beginners. All you need is a spirit of adventure, love of nature and dressing comfortably (and in layers).

If you make the main mistake of beginner hikers and wear everyday clothes, you will not enjoy the landscape because you will be thinking about the discomfort of denim and the heaviness of your wet t-shirt.

It is best to bring:

· Sports clothing made of absorbent materials, such as wool or polyester, avoiding cotton.
· Long pants and high socks to protect your legs, maintaining good mobility.
· Extra layers in winter, from a vest and light sweater to a hat and gloves.

Mountaineering boots or light sneakers? In addition to personal taste, the decision will depend on the conditions of the terrain to be explored.

· On well-maintained trails without many obstacles, lightweight, low-cut walking shoes will suffice.
· In rugged areas with rocks, roots and streams, it is best to invest in sturdy boots.

Make sure your shoes are comfortable for long distances and fit snugly enough to prevent blisters.

3. Well-equipped backpack is worth two

Hiking for beginners should be enjoyable without carrying extra weight, but it is also necessary to cover the essentials so that you finish the journey safely.

Use this checklist as a guide:

· Enough water and additional snacks for the entire group.
· Sunscreen, cap and sunglasses.
· Light clothing to protect against rain.
· Map, compass and GPS, identifying emergency exits and rest areas.
· Safety kit with flashlight, whistle and multipurpose tool.
· First aid kit with treatment for blisters, bandages, antibiotic ointment, etc.
· Garbage bag.
· Toiletries, if you plan to walk away from public bathrooms.

Your backpack will need to be more equipped the longer the journey, so make sure it sits close to your body and high on your back, without putting too much pressure on your shoulders.

BONUS: Remember that it is not a speed race

It is important to maintain a pace that you feel comfortable with, exercising your body, while enjoying the postcard views that surround you, without running to the waterfall or viewpoint. Remember to take the necessary breaks to last until the end with enough energy to celebrate your new achievement.

Discover hiking in Lake Caspe
The privileged location of Camping Lake Caspe makes it ideal as a starting point for hiking for beginners:

· From the Ermita de la Magdalena viewpoint, the view of the Ebro River reaching the Mequinenza reservoir will leave you breathless.
· Climbing to the top of the Montnegre mountain range, a panoramic view of the Sea of Aragon awaits you.
· When walking at the foot of the Sierra de Campells, you will discover the sediments that have remained on its walls.
And, at the end of the tour, you can relax in the port, rest in a hammock, share your experiences with new friends on the terrace... All without interrupting your connection with nature.

Ready to start your Lake Caspe hiking adventure?
The myths about camping that prevent you from living the adventure

The myths about camping that prevent you from living the adventure

Myths about camping, whether they are half-truths or completely false beliefs passed by word of mouth among non-campers , prevent others from trying to live the experience.

And the campsite facilities prove the opposite because they adapt to the needs and preferences of each type of traveler, offering everything for an original vacation that you will want to repeat.

But, if you find it hard to believe, we help you debunk the most common myths so that you stop resisting the call of adventure.

1. "It is very uncomfortable to camp for more than a couple of days"

Lack of comfort is NOT part of the reality of camping, regardless of the type of stay you prefer:

· Bungalow: they are as comfortable as a home. Its rooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom are equipped with all services.
· Caravan: it is practically a house on wheels with the convenience and comfort with which you choose it.
· Tents: allow the most authentic camping experience, but sleeping bags or modern inflatable mattresses give us cozy nights in a privileged location.

In addition, the facilities of the vast majority of campsites have complete bathrooms, hot water and sinks for all visitors.

2. "It cannot be compared to the quality of services of a hotel"

The services offered in modern campsites are so complete that they do not ask anything of a hotel stay, but with the additional advantages of being outdoors in an atmosphere of calm and disconnection.

For example, the Camping Lake Caspe facilities have a restaurant, bar, barbecue area, swimming pools, garden, playground and even a minimarket. In addition to its privileged natural environment with areas of forest and inland sea.

3. "There is nothing to do", one of the most common camping myths

There is absolutely nothing boring or monotonous about going camping.

The large extensions of the campsites are ideal for planning a wide variety of outdoor activities, inside and outside their facilities:

· Practice sports as a family.
· Fishing.
· Cool off in the pool, lake or sea.
· Explore hiking or cycling routes.
· Visit the tourist spots in the area.

In addition, many have entertainment teams with varied activity programs for the whole family, children's workshops, sports tournaments, movie nights and more.

4. “You are in the middle of nowhere and completely offline”

Being surrounded by nature does not mean being completely cut off. Campsites have adapted to technology. Most bungalows have satellite TV and plots with power outlets that allow you to stay connected with what is happening in the world.

At Camping Lake Caspe you even find a Wi-Fi zone on the terrace of the bar, in the restaurant and around the reception building.

5. “These are not vacations for young people”

Could not be farther from the truth. Three friends looking for adventure, a family of five and their two dogs, a retired couple, a young person exploring the country alone, a professional enjoying the views while teleworking... The camping experience is for everyone!

And the fast-paced world we live in attracts a wide variety of travelers to the peace we find in the midst of nature and outdoor activities.

You already know the truth! Don't be fooled. If you believe the myths about camping before trying the experience firsthand, you will miss out on a great adventure.

But now you know that camping and caravanning have nothing uncomfortable, low quality, boring, or any other adjective falsely associated with this type of accommodation; especially if it is framed by the natural wonders of Spain.

And the photographs on our social networks are a clear example of this. Go ahead and make your reservation at Camping Lake Caspe and see for yourself the best camping vacations.