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The myths about camping that prevent you from living the adventure

Myths about camping, whether they are half-truths or completely false beliefs passed by word of mouth among non-campers , prevent others from trying to live the experience.

And the campsite facilities prove the opposite because they adapt to the needs and preferences of each type of traveler, offering everything for an original vacation that you will want to repeat.

But, if you find it hard to believe, we help you debunk the most common myths so that you stop resisting the call of adventure.

1. "It is very uncomfortable to camp for more than a couple of days"

Lack of comfort is NOT part of the reality of camping, regardless of the type of stay you prefer:

· Bungalow: they are as comfortable as a home. Its rooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom are equipped with all services.
· Caravan: it is practically a house on wheels with the convenience and comfort with which you choose it.
· Tents: allow the most authentic camping experience, but sleeping bags or modern inflatable mattresses give us cozy nights in a privileged location.

In addition, the facilities of the vast majority of campsites have complete bathrooms, hot water and sinks for all visitors.

2. "It cannot be compared to the quality of services of a hotel"

The services offered in modern campsites are so complete that they do not ask anything of a hotel stay, but with the additional advantages of being outdoors in an atmosphere of calm and disconnection.

For example, the Camping Lake Caspe facilities have a restaurant, bar, barbecue area, swimming pools, garden, playground and even a minimarket. In addition to its privileged natural environment with areas of forest and inland sea.

3. "There is nothing to do", one of the most common camping myths

There is absolutely nothing boring or monotonous about going camping.

The large extensions of the campsites are ideal for planning a wide variety of outdoor activities, inside and outside their facilities:

· Practice sports as a family.
· Fishing.
· Cool off in the pool, lake or sea.
· Explore hiking or cycling routes.
· Visit the tourist spots in the area.

In addition, many have entertainment teams with varied activity programs for the whole family, children's workshops, sports tournaments, movie nights and more.

4. “You are in the middle of nowhere and completely offline”

Being surrounded by nature does not mean being completely cut off. Campsites have adapted to technology. Most bungalows have satellite TV and plots with power outlets that allow you to stay connected with what is happening in the world.

At Camping Lake Caspe you even find a Wi-Fi zone on the terrace of the bar, in the restaurant and around the reception building.

5. “These are not vacations for young people”

Could not be farther from the truth. Three friends looking for adventure, a family of five and their two dogs, a retired couple, a young person exploring the country alone, a professional enjoying the views while teleworking... The camping experience is for everyone!

And the fast-paced world we live in attracts a wide variety of travelers to the peace we find in the midst of nature and outdoor activities.

You already know the truth! Don't be fooled. If you believe the myths about camping before trying the experience firsthand, you will miss out on a great adventure.

But now you know that camping and caravanning have nothing uncomfortable, low quality, boring, or any other adjective falsely associated with this type of accommodation; especially if it is framed by the natural wonders of Spain.

And the photographs on our social networks are a clear example of this. Go ahead and make your reservation at Camping Lake Caspe and see for yourself the best camping vacations.