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What to do in Caspe to enjoy it like a real local

If you are a lover of history, nature, adventure sports, the charm of Spanish towns (or if you agree with all of the above), you will have a lot to do in Caspe, mixing with the locals to discover its most authentic essence.

And, in the capital of the Bajo Aragón region of Zaragoza, we find the best combination of culture, tradition and infinite landscapes that makes it adapt to all types of travelers.

Put these tips into practice during your visit, and we assure you that you will want to return.

Discover its urban heritage

Narrow streets, hermitages, temples, fortresses... There are many treasures that tell the story of the “City of Commitment”, but these three buildings cannot be missed on your tour through the tunnels and narrow streets of Caspe.

· Collegiate Church of Santa María
The Gothic-style church of Santa María la Mayor has stood imposingly on the rock since the 15th century. Its monumental staircase further elevates its air of grandeur and the gardens that adorn it complete the image that catches the eyes of every visitor.

It is of great historical value because it was there where, in 1412, the proclamation mass of the Caspe Compromise was celebrated. Furthermore, in its garden we find the remains of the Miralpeix Mausoleum, an eight-meter-high vaulted arch that was moved to avoid losing it in the flood during the construction of the Mequinenza reservoir. · Bailío Castle
Caspe Castle is located next to the Collegiate Church of Santa María, so it has also witnessed the eventful history of the city. But the most important event that occurred within its walls is, without a doubt, the coronation of Ferdinand I, which led to it being called the “Castle of Commitment.” As part of the celebrations of the VI Centennial, in 2012 the restoration works were completed that returned the splendor to the iconic construction. Salamanca Tower
Although the imposing medieval appearance of the Salamanca fort causes it to be confused with the Castillo del Compromiso, in reality, it is a rifle tower built in 1875 and its visit is one of the essential things to do in Caspe.

Its location on the Cabezo de Monteagudo gives us the best panoramic views of the city. And, inside, we can see loopholes for the rifles and observation openings, in addition to the central point where the communication signals were made.

What to do in Caspe: adventure activities in its natural paradise

Nothing like contemplating the contrast of the landscapes of Caspe, while practicing physical exercise to trigger the sense of adventure.

· Water sports at the Mequinenza Reservoir
The extension and conditions of the Sea of Aragon make it the ideal setting for practicing water sports and a reference point for fishermen from all over the world.

To enjoy it to the fullest, the options range from boat riding to kayaking, windsurfing, paddle surfing and canoeing, or you can admire the view while relaxing on its shores.

At Camping Lake Caspe we have a marina, rental of nautical equipment and processing of fishing licenses so that nothing stops you from exploring the Mequinenza Reservoir.

· Hiking and cycling routes
The best way to admire the contrast of the waters of the Sea of Aragon and its whitish landscapes with meanders is to travel routes on foot or by pedal stroke:

- Ermita de la Magdalena Viewpoint: the view of the Ebro River reaching the Mequinenza reservoir will leave you breathless.
- Sierra Campells: when walking at its feet, you can see the sediments that have remained on its walls.
- El Parrizal: impressive canyon with large waterfalls and natural pools. Whether you're just starting out in the world of hiking, just want to take a walk on your own, or are looking for a thrill, ask at the Camping Lake Caspe front desk for routes that suit the type of adventure you're looking for.

Celebrate with your people

If your visit coincides with the popular festivals, you will be able to experience the essence of the city like a real Caspolino:

· Holy Week: The most traditional and Castilian processions of Bajo Aragón have made it a Festival of Tourist Interest in Aragon.
· Commitment Festival: Every June, Caspe returns to medieval times to recreate the coronation of King Ferdinand I of Aragon, which changed the course of Aragonese history.
· Patron Saint Festivities: Throughout the month of August, you will find endless activities to do in Caspe with a program that includes giants and big heads, pilgrimage, dancing, heifers and competitions.

The charm of Caspe

Caspe has everything for an unforgettable getaway and its heritage is so rich that it has earned it recognition as the “Tourist Town 2023” awarded by the Aragon Newspaper. See it firsthand, with Camping Lake Caspe as your starting point.