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Tips for camping with pets

Camping with pets is an adventure! Going camping is an experience that is best lived with family, whether it is blood or the one we choose over time, which includes your four-legged friend.

Pet friendly camping allows you to enjoy the outdoors in total comfort without leaving your faithful adventure companion at home. But if you're wondering what you should keep in mind to make both the trip and the stay safe for your dog, plan a fantastic vacation with these tips.

1. Find the ideal campsite

The first step is to choose the campsite that you can enjoy together. Investigate which ones are pet friendly within the area you plan to visit, as well as the areas where pets are allowed access to avoid surprises and know in advance the activities that you can do in the company of your best friend inside and outside the facilities. . At Camping Lake Caspe you won't have any problems!

2. Prepare your dog

How does your dog behave during long trips? It is worth spending time practicing, taking car rides so that you get used to it without causing stress when you start the trip.

It is also important to ensure that your pet has all the vaccines appropriate to its age, but do not forget to take the telephone number of a trusted veterinarian and find out about the clinics that you can find in the area, in case of emergency. And, if it is a very hairy breed, remember to give it a cut so that it can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest without worrying about bushes, insects or heat stroke.

3. Don't forget your luggage

Each member of the family has to be well prepared to enjoy the vacation without any problems. So make sure your dog's suitcase has everything he or she will need during his stay.

Here's a quick checklist to make sure you don't miss anything when camping with pets:

· Necklace with your name and your contact information.
· Long distance and reflective strap in the dark.
· Plate of food.
· Container for water.
· Sufficient quantity of your usual food.
· Medications, if you are undergoing treatment.
· Boots for walking on hot or uneven surfaces.
· Bags to collect your waste.
· Own towel.
· Shampoo.
· Brush.
· Toys.
· Blanket or bed to sleep on.
· Carrier or cage.
· Vaccination record up to date.
· First aid kit that includes cotton, gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, antiparasitics, pain relievers, tweezers to remove splinters, etc.

4. Prioritize security

If we want to camp with pets, it is important to consider both their behavior and the environmental conditions to which they will be exposed to prevent accidents. For example:

· Facilities: upon arrival, allow him to explore his new home to familiarize himself with the area; but keep it away from risk areas such as campfires throughout the stay.
· Sun: if your skin is sensitive to the sun, it is a good idea to get a veterinary-grade sunscreen and look for shady places on the plot or book a Bungalow, in order to avoid heat stroke.
· Fur: regularly check its fur to identify the presence of ticks, insects or thorns in time.
· Behavior: do not lose sight of him and remember to be attentive to his movements and what he ingests, especially if it is a curious puppy.

5. Plan the activities they will carry out

Your dog is on vacation too! Take advantage of the camping facilities and the nature that surrounds you to carry out activities that you enjoy together.

Here are some ideas to share with your adventure companion:

· Explore the campsite, the hiking trails and the tourist spots in the surrounding area.
· Cycling (with your dog running next to you).
· Cool off together, if the campsite is on the shore of a river or reservoir.
· Ride a canoe or surf paddle.
· And, in the end, there is no way to rest together, lying in the shade.

Ready to camp with your best friend?

It is proven that camping with pets strengthens the bond that unites us with them, and with these tips they will fully enjoy the change of scenery with the comforts and nature at the door.

At Camping Lake Caspe we believe that family vacations are not complete without the four-legged member and the photographs on our social networks are proof of this. For this reason, we have fully equipped facilities so that EVERYONE can spend a few days camping so much fun that they will repeat the experience over and over again.

Come and see it first hand!